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Letter: State won’t be bullied by fracking lawsuits

State won’t be bullied by fracking lawsuits

Congratulations to Attorney General Eric Schneiderman for taking steps to throw out the frivolous lawsuits posed by Joint Landowners Coalition of New York and Norse Energy, which claim that fracking has been “unnecessarily” delayed in the state. These lawsuits are wasting taxpayer money and show a huge disregard for the health and safety of New York’s communities. It’s very typical of the oil and gas industry to want to push forward with drilling without allowing the state to take its time to study how residents may be impacted.

Fracking has been shown to cause health, environmental and even economic problems throughout the United States, including EPA-confirmed cases of water contamination in Pennsylvania, Wyoming and Texas. If shale gas development has been shown to harm people and the environment in other states and we have the ability in New York to take the time to study it, why would we rush?

The natural gas in the ground isn’t going anywhere; it’s been there for millions of years. On the other hand, once ground water is contaminated, there’s no going back. It’s shameful that the JLC and Norse Energy would show such blatant disrespect for our state and the residents of New York. Gov. Andrew Cuomo should not be bullied into ignoring the science on fracking and should instead ban this dangerous form of extraction.

Rita Yelda

Organizer, Food & Water Watch


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