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Letter: Sit-and-stare policy punishes students

Sit-and-stare policy punishes students

As a parent of a 6-year-old, I strongly disagree with the sit-and-stare policy. Children who are not taking the test should have the option to go to another room to get work done for other classes or read a book. Making them sit there with nothing to do is cruel and absurd. The teachers and parents, and even the children who take these tests, will not be able to review the test. So how is this helping the students learn if they don’t know what they got wrong?

I believe the districts should come up with a better solution to the sit-and-stare policy. No child should have to suffer, in school nonetheless, because he chooses not to take a standardized test. The test is to determine how the school is doing and has no grade effect on the children. On top of all the homework, tests, quizzes and other schoolwork, the standardized testing just puts more stress on the kids. Some kids cannot take the stress or have other issues and choose to opt out of the test. I do not believe making them sit and stare is the right decision. I hope by the time my daughter is old enough, this policy changes.

Joseph Witnauer


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