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The Buzz: Anteaters, chop eaters and Delaware Park’s new attraction

Snout and about

You know when the air warms just a little and you can smell the, ahem, aroma of the Buffalo Zoo and its various byproducts. Walking around the place the other day, Buzz began getting into the spirit of the season. Our zoo allegiances, we noticed, have switched from wintry to springy. Out: cute polar bear cubs. In: giant anteaters! We could not take our eyes off of them. Though cousin to the sloth, there is nothing slothful about these animals, rushing to and fro with their long snouts vacuuming up ants and whatever. Who could have dreamed this creature up? And can we borrow it for our spring cleaning? The zoo should rent out the critter. C’mon! We promise we’ll bring it back.

Classical gas

The membership drives on Classical 94.5, WNED – the station Marvin Hamlisch used to call “Ned” – can make you tune in more often than you normally might. A recent morning found the hosts in full swing, bouncing around between Louis Armstrong and wake-me-up marches. “That’s to make you march to your telephone,” one host said. Haha! What fun it was when they brought in Andre Rieu and his fiddle with “Vilia” from “The Merry Widow.” Buzz, stuck in traffic, rolled down our window and turned it up. And ... it was as if the station knew! “It’s like a drum set,” the announcer said. “You’re not just giving the gift to yourself. You’re giving it to everyone within earshot.”

Hall of fame

Buzz loved Ellis Hall, doing a Ray Charles tribute Saturday before a packed house at Kleinhans, for going that extra mile to study up a bit about our town. In “Hit the Road, Jack,” his backup singers played the part of the woman giving him his walking papers. “Don’t you come back no more!” they shrilled. “Oh, come on, baby,” Hall wheedled. “Why don’t we go to the Anchor Bar?” The audience cheered. “Or Oliver’s,” Hall said. “Or... the Chop Shop!” He meant the Buffalo Chophouse. But Chop Shop is a great name! Either way, everyone ate it up.

The buzz

Headline we loved from The Buffalo Evening News 100 years ago this week: Buffalo Bankers Are Not Very Talkative. Reps of Commonwealth Trust, M&T and and the German-American Bank were being asked to comment on a new Federal Reserve Bank, and would not. ... Anyone else marveling at Wegmans’ wall o’beer? They have hundreds of different individual microbrews, and you build your own six-pack. Ride out the next storm in style. ... New zoo attraction! It’s blue and it’s not a baboon. It’s cute and it’s not a polar bear. It’s the genuine 1980s Plymouth Horizon seen parked near the bison Saturday. The car drew a crowd. One jogger said, “I gotta get a picture.”


“Please do not climb on debris pile.”

– Sign at the Buffalo Zoo

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