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Letter: Potholes are causing a lot of destruction

Potholes are causing a lot of destruction

What does your commute cost you? It can cost you a trip to the emergency room and expensive collision bills. The freeze-thaw cycle of our harsh winter is demolishing the streets. Potholes plague area roadways, causing accidents, headaches and damaged vehicles. Walking, running, cycling and driving have become extremely dangerous.

The bumps, bangs and vibrations are loosening vehicles’ nuts and bolts, tearing adhesives and, in worst cases, causing major destruction such as bent rims, flat tires, cracked frames and misalignments.

Bicyclists have it even worse. They encounter the same mutilation to their bikes, as well as motorists driving toward them to avoid potholes, threatening bodily harm. The same goes for those on foot. Whether a walker or running enthusiast, you risk a broken ankle, soaking wet feet or a tidal wave of muddy water from these ruts.

This is a widely popular issue, and local news stations have created a website map for victims to track the countless craters, 466 thus far this season. We can put a man on the moon, but cannot invent an asphalt that survives a blustery cold winter.

Eric Nowak


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