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Political process is being sold to the highest bidder

It must gall some wealthy people when they cast their vote knowing that their one vote carries no more weight than that of the average voter. This concern has even been recently voiced by Tom Perkins, the billionaire venture capitalist, who believes votes should be based on wealth.

However, our democracy ensures that each person gets only one vote, and this would be very difficult to change. So the next best option for the wealthy is to influence the political process in their favor prior to the vote, which is best done through an infusion of cash.

Recent Supreme Court decisions (McCutcheon v. FEC and Citizens United v. FEC) have effectively placed our political process up for sale to the highest bidder. Those with the most cash can now have unjustified influence on who makes it through to the general election by supporting (buying) candidates who are loyal to their agendas. It seems as though Chief Justice John Roberts and his cohort value the protection of wealth over the protection of our democracy.

Wayne Whitaker


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