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Q: I know Hugh Jackman will host the Tony Awards again this year and that he’s a Tony winner himself. Which show did he win his for? – Pam Collins, Glen Burnie, Md.

A: It was for “The Boy From Oz,” in which he played songwriter and entertainer – and fellow Australian – Peter Allen. Jackman had made his mark onstage several years earlier in a London production of “Oklahoma!” that was recorded and is available on home video.

Steering the Tony ceremony for the fourth time June 8 on CBS, Jackman was back on Broadway in the fall of 2011 in a show ironically titled “Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway.”


Q: Will the series “Zero Hour” be rebroadcast or available on DVD? Our DVR crashed, and I missed the last four episodes. – Steve Russell, Columbus, Ohio

A: It’s always possible that a cable network could pick up the existing episodes – Syfy would seem a likely prospect, if it was interested – but it’s certain you won’t see it on ABC, its original network, again. The show was pulled a month into its run there last year, then the remaining episodes were “burned off” on Saturdays during the summer. As of this writing, there were no plans for a DVD release.


Q: I was wondering what happened to the series “Under the Dome.” – Fran Green, LeRoy

A: It was intended as a summer show, and its ratings were so good for CBS last year, the network ordered a second season that begins June 30 ... with the first new episode written by “Dome” creator Stephen King, no less. The program’s success actually revived the concept of miniseries for all networks, which is why you’ll also see such others as Fox’s “24: Live Another Day” in coming months.

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