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• Town Line Road, Michael D. Rhoney; Michael J. Cushman to Rhoney Funeral Home Inc., $5,000.


• 3572 Wruck Road, Harry Merrell; Madeline M. Merrell; Christine M. Shafer; James C. Merrell to Suzanne C. Merrell; James C. Merrell, $200,000.

• 8402 Chapman Road, Joan L. Mandaville; James L. Mandaville to Randall J. Mandaville; Bonnie L. Mandaville, $85,000.

• 2340 Countyline Road, Jon A. Miller to Pamela J. Qualiana; Charles F. Qualiana, $14,000.


• Caledonia St., Jennifer A. Fitzgerald; Jennifer A. Cain to Nicole L. Proefrock, $79,255.

• John St., John D. Webster; Jeffrey S. Webster to Alan S. Truscott; Charlotte S. Laspada, $32,000.


• Green Valley Lane, Russell S. Beebe; Allison M. Beebe to Jennifer A. Fitzgerald; Brian S. Fitzgerald, $204,500.

• Murphy Road, Ricky L. Kipp; Karen A. Kipp to Cynthia Westby, $162,000.

• Dysinger Road, Thomas C. Mobilia to Sheri Lacey; George Lacey, $66,000.

• 6760 Tonawanda Creek Road, Heritage Christian Services Inc. to Sarah H. Eisenmann; Charles H. Eisenmann, $48,500.


• Michelle Drive, Margaret M. Julian; Margaret M. Dipasquale to Linda K. Bernhagen, $118,900.

• 2424 Fuller Road, Mellon Bank of New York to Jaime M. Haenisch, $38,000.

NIAGARA FALLS Highest price: $132,000 Average price: $46,310 Median price: $35,500 Number of Sales: 17

• 10 James Ave., Patrick J. Gibas; Michael P. Gibas; Joseph A. Gibas; Gregory A. Gibas to Loretta Scriven; Grant Scriven, $132,000.

• 81st St., Henry J. Walerowicz; Denise M. Drozdowski to Melanie N. Byrd; David A. Byrd, $85,000.

• Grand Ave., Thomas Tedesco to Theresa L. Costanzo; Joel T. Costanzo, $75,000.

• Porter Road, Elizabeth J. Sdao; Lori S. Barrette to Allison M. Moore, $64,000.

• Jerauld Ave., Donald R. McCaster to Annie Williams, $50,000.

• 2738 South Ave., Kathy Lee Sistrunk; John O. Sistrunk to Pennymac Loan Services, $45,000.

• 2431 Ontario Ave., Rock It Homes Llc to Tommy Ellis; American Estate and Trust, $44,900.

• 479 25th St., Kevlola Llc to Rock It Homes Llc, $38,000.

• 472 19th St., KC Buffalo Enterprises to JV2 Properties, $35,500.

• L225 Weston Ave., Albert Burruano; Samuel J. Burruano to Gloria D. McGovern; Raymond J. McGovern Jr., $35,000.

• 820 Chilton Ave., Philip P. Smith; Nicolia J. Smith to Dora Properties, $33,000.

• 826 Chilton Ave., Philip P. Smith; Nicolia J. Smith to Dora Properties, $33,000.

• 830 Chilton Ave., Philip P. Smith; Nicolia J. Smith to Dora Properties, $33,000.

• Chestnut St., KC Erie Niagara Properties to Iona Property, $31,000.

• 2212 Lasalle Ave., Yvonne Lewis to Bayview Loan Servicing, $29,877.

• 472 19th St., Prime Market Realty Inc. to KC Buffalo Enterprises, $18,000.

• 532 72nd St., Anthony Welch to Gerald Manzi Jr., $5,000.

NORTH TONAWANDA Highest price: $158,500 Average price: $84,222 Median price: $80,000 Number of Sales: 9

• Fairmont Ave., Robert J. Thrun to Angela Duffy, $158,500.

• North Ave., Douglas D. Thiele to Joseph Robert Prevost, $130,000.

• Dangelo Drive & Sisson Drive, Juliette Hughes; Juliette D. Saunders to Steve Pereira, $126,000.

• Remington Drive, Amy and Tony Burke Llc to Margaret Schuler, $102,000.

• 15th Ave., Sandra J. Sunzeri; Michael D. Dennehy to Robert Kasper; Linda Samland, $80,000.

• Elmwood Ave., Roger C. Scott; Heidi L. Scott; Michael R. Pukajlo Jr. to Eric J. Watson, $59,667.

• Porter Ave., Robert J. Clark; Diane S. Clark to Sue A. Clark; Robert J. Clark, $58,000.

• Elmwood Ave., Cecilia Roberts Fuller; Richard Fuller to Eric J. Watson, $29,833.

• 123 15th Ave., Michael D. Dennehy; Kathryn E. Dennehy to Robert Kasper; Linda Samland, $14,000.


• Aiken Road, Julie B. Priesigke; Julie B. Preisigke; Jeffrey M. Koehler to Julie B. Preisigke, $7,000.


• Homeyer Road, Randall G. Steele; Jennifer A. Steele to Katherine L. Manz, $157,000.

• Ward Road, James C. Kaiser; Denyse L. Kaiser to Martin W. Almendinger, $70,000.


• Nelson Road, Louis J. Faery; Adrienne R. Faery to Randall G. Steele; Jennifer A. Steele, $240,000.

• Randall Road, Terry Pils; Corry Pils to Jacob D. Denny, $130,000.

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