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Letter: Ken-Ton students will adjust to changes

Ken-Ton students will adjust to changes

I have read, with interest, the articles written about the consolidation of the Ken-Ton schools, especially regarding parents’ concerns. As a baby boomer who attended Ken-Ton in the ’50s and ’60s, I’d like to share a different perspective.

My family moved from the Village of Kenmore into the new subdivisions of the Town of Tonawanda while I was in second grade. From kindergarten through seventh grade, I attended seven Kenmore schools: Lindburgh, Edison, Brighton, Jefferson, Hoover, Hamilton and Hoover Junior High.

They couldn’t build schools fast enough to keep up with the rapidly growing population. At one point, in third grade, we were on split session and attended Brighton from about noon to 4:30 p.m. There were about 50 kids, my age, in my neighborhood being shuttled like this, so basically two classes of us.

My point is that we, 50, were always together in each new and unfamiliar building, with some of the buildings still under construction. Our friendships were strong and our group was not separated. The only things we worried about were: Would our teachers like us? Would we like our teachers? Where was the nurse’s office? Where was the bathroom?

Our parents were not overly involved in the district’s decisions and left it to us to adjust, which took very little time. We cared about our classmates, not what building we were in.

Judging from our group getting together at our 40th Kenmore East reunion, we’ve all turned out pretty well and believe we got a great education.

I urge parents who are concerned about these necessary changes to think about what your kids will be able to handle each day, in a loving, positive classroom environment. That’s what really counts.

Joan Gorman Long

West Falls

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