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Judge must be ousted for lenient sentencing

It’s inconceivable that a man can molest four girls over a six-year period and get six months of jail time. These girls are not the same after this happens. It changes who they are. It’s with them the rest of their lives.

I think Erie County Judge Kenneth Case needs to rethink the meaning of justice. I wonder what kind of sentence he would want if that was his daughter or granddaughter who had been abused. Let’s all hope these girls get the help they will need to be able to deal with this.

I know this molester was sentenced to 10 years’ probation, but that means yet another child would have to be hurt for him to get the punishment he deserves.

Isn’t there something as a society we can do to get rid of these judges? It’s really a shame that a little girl’s well-being is worth so little in a judge’s eyes. Six months! Really?

Diana Fusco


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