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Catholics, not Malone, are to blame for closings

I am so tired of reading letters complaining about Bishop Richard Malone and his closing of 10 Catholic elementary schools. If all Catholic parents in this diocese would take their children to Mass on Sundays as well as Holy Days of Obligation and send their children to Catholic schools, the diocese would not have to merge churches or close schools.

And before anyone complains that the Catholic schools are too expensive, I would ask them to consider how many vehicles they own, how many vacations their family takes and how many electronic devices with costly data plans their family utilizes and pays for. It’s a matter of priorities.

Catholic parents seem to worry less about getting their children to heaven than they do about keeping up with their neighbors, technology and stockpiling money for their retirement. To blame Malone and the diocese for right-sizing our Catholic facilities is ludicrous.

Louise Ziarnowski


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