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Letters for April 6: Readers speak out

Jim Kelly remains a true hero for this fan

Several years ago I wrote Jim Kelly a letter. In that letter I detailed to Jim how much I idolized him as a player. He was my hero until I was about 25. I explained that as my adolescence became manhood, I had become more interested in business and it was in business that I found new “heroes.”

I was formally introduced to Jim 8 years ago. Prior to his annual charity golf tournament there is a party, during which there are video clips shown on the big screen. The first time I attended I was moved to tears watching clips of Jim visiting with children affected with Krabbe disease. We became friends. I cook at his lodge for hunting camps, I’ve attended Super Bowls with him and his brothers and I’ve been treated like a lifelong friend. I’ve never seen him turn away a fan seeking an autograph.

He could have lived anywhere he wanted and been relatively anonymous in another part of the world, pursuing two of his greatest passions, his family and hunting. Instead he chose to make this his home, and he defines “blue collar Buffalonian.” He makes countless contributions to our region. He unselfishly makes the time to travel the country to meet with politicians and decision makers to bring his third passion, Hunter’s Hope and newborn screening, to the forefront.

To JK: While I thank you for what you did on the field, I graciously had to pay for those memories. There is not enough money in the world to pay for the memories you’ve given me in the past eight years. I concluded my letter to Jim the same way I’ll conclude this: Jim Kelly is my hero … again. Get well soon, buddy.

Joe Jerge


Nolan contract a first step; now get him some players

The Buffalo Sabres giving coach Ted Nolan a contract extension was a good start for the Sabres’ road to recovery. He deserves to be their coach. Now the next step for Tim Murray is to get Coach Nolan some quality players.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park

Murray made right call signing Nolan to contract

Finally, the Sabres made the expected move. Nolan signed for three years. Hopefully within that time frame the playoffs will be made and they no longer will be languishing in last place. Murray made the right call and let’s hope he does so again with the players. Next season you won’t be able to know the players without a scorecard.

It would have been foolish to let Nolan go again. Ted & Tim know who belongs and who’s going through the motions. Nolan will create the hardest working club again if he has the right players. He is a motivator and motivating he will do.

Paul J. DiVito


Buffalo Braves need to be recognized, remembered

I agree with Jerry Sullivan’s article regarding putting up banners to recognize the Buffalo Braves in First Niagara Center. It’s already a shame that Paul Snyder’s greed caused the demise of this franchise, but their success in the short time they were here is every bit, if not more, impressive than the Sabres. Lets contact our former heroes and bring them back for a banner hanging ceremony to preserve these cherished memories.

Martin Farrell

West Seneca

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