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Letter: Delano does great job working for the people

Delano does great job working for the people

I read with interest the March 19 News article regarding Steven Pigeon’s alleged illegal political activities. Isn’t he the same Pigeon who is leading the campaign committee for Dennis Gorski against my brother, Judge Dennis Delano, in the November election for the Town of Cheektowaga?

Four years ago, the people of Cheektowaga elected Delano to the bench because they were tired of the same political people being elected year after year, with no new benefits to the town. Delano brought a breath of fresh air to the courts by not being a political puppet judge, because he has no political ties.

This cannot be said of Gorski, who is beholden to politicians, such as Pigeon, and the parties that endorse him, such as the Cheektowaga Town Board. Maybe Gorski believes the erroneous information that judges only work three days a week. The judges work seven days a week. (Being available on weekends for arraignments and warrant signings).

So what do the people of Cheektowaga want in November – a “political puppet” or a “people’s judge”?

Paul R. Delano Sr.


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