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Colleges need to focus on quality of education

Recently I viewed a few college students being asked if they could name their state’s two senators. When they could not, they were asked if they could name any senators. The interviewer was appalled that not one of the college students he asked could name any senator.

If this is the quality of student these expensive institutions are turning out, we are in more trouble than we could ever imagine. When Congress allowed 18-year-olds to vote, who knew that they could not or would not evaluate who they were voting for? These same students at 18 are not trusted to have a glass of wine at dinner, but are trusted to help elect an important leader of their country and the free world.

Does anyone see what is wrong with this picture? The only thing these students are getting out of their education is a mountain of debt from student loans.

Frank A. Gugino Sr.

West Seneca

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