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Letter: City water charges seem way out of line

City water charges seem way out of line

I, like many residents of the City of Buffalo, recently received my water and sewer bill. Much to my dismay, my bill was almost $200 for the last quarter. This included my senior discount.

I called the Water Department and spoke to a very pleasant lady. She informed me that she would have someone come out to check my meter. Unfortunately, they found a leak, which caused the high water usage cost.

Also on the bill were two separate charges for the sewer service. On my second call to the department, I asked the gentleman why I had two charges for the sewer. He explained that if you use above a certain amount of water, you have to pay extra for the sewer usage for that extra water.

Wow! My 80-year-old sewer must really be rotting away, because I used all that extra water. I promise I won’t flush, shower, or wash dishes or clothes anymore unless I measure my water usage.

Oops, I forgot we have to pay for our own sewer repair. Thanks, water and sewer departments, for charging me for a sewer and garbage fee on my empty lot.

Carl A. Camillo Jr.


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