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Trivia Quiz

1. Was the ancient empire of Babylonia in Europe or Asia? It flourished from about 2100-689 B.C. as well as about 625-538 B.C.

2. Medically, “rhonchus” refers to what kind of sound?

3. Who was president of the United States when Thomas Marshall was vice president?

4. Name the first capital of the Confederate States of America.

5. The mammoth is extinct. What was this animal?

6. Of about 38 million Americans in 2012, about 50, 60 or 70 percent were in the age group of 18-64?

7. What are the three basic kinds of oils?

8. Ogden, Murray and Provo are cities in what Western state?

9. The shares of how many companies are in the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

10. Is it true or false that Constantine the Great was a Greek emperor?


1. It was in southwest Asia.

2. It’s a loud, wheezing sound caused by mucus in the larger bronchial tubes or in the windpipe.

3. Woodrow Wilson (1913-21).

4. Montgomery, Ala. The capital was later Richmond, Va.

5. A very large elephant resembling the Indian elephant.

6. Almost 50 percent.

7. Mineral, animal and vegetable.

8. Utah.

9. Thirty, representing major U.S. corporations.

10. False, he was a famous Roman emperor.

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