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St. Mark School alerts parents to suspicious man

Two schoolchildren were followed and approached by a stranger Friday morning in North Buffalo, the fourth time an incident like this has been reported in recent weeks.

A suspicious male followed the students as they made their way to St. Mark School, according to Buffalo police.

The driver followed the children as they walked to the school parking lot at Amherst Street and Summit Avenue. After getting out of the car to approach them, the kids ran into the school, and the man fled in his car, police said.

The vehicle is described as a possible newer model black Honda Accord with tinted windows. The driver is described as a white male, of average height and weight, with shoulder-length black hair and some facial hair.

A St. Mark employee said there would be no comment, but that the school was “not in lockdown.”

In automated telephone messages to school parents, Principal Lee Brenner said an unidentified man pulled into the parking lot.

“He made no contact with our students, but he did get out of his car,” Brenner said in the message.

The police were immediately called, she said.

Letters to parents about the incident were sent home Friday with students.

Another incident occurred Monday just a few blocks away near Jewett Parkway and Woodward Avenue.

Detectives say a 10-year-old girl was followed by a man in a similar car after she got off the school bus and headed home.

Wednesday, Olmsted School 64 Principal Nora Trincanati sent a letter home to parents warning of the incident Monday and two others, and describing the suspect in the Parkside area as ”skinny with dark shoulder-length hair, wire-rimmed glasses and bad teeth.”

The letter said teachers were instructed to review what children were to do if approached by a stranger attempting to lure them into a car. Parents were encouraged to do the same thing at home.

“I encourage you to be alert to unusual or suspicious cars or persons in your neighborhood, and to report any suspicious behavior to the police and the school,” Trincanati wrote.

Friday, Buffalo Public Schools sent out automated calls to parents about the incidents. The message told parents that police are “aware of school arrival and dismissal times.”

It also said that one of the incidents involved a man in a yellow truck, the other a black car. “Each approached in a friendly manner and offered a ride,” school officials said.

Police are asking anyone with information regarding these or any other incidents to call them at 847-2255.


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