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Letter: Diamond isn’t necessary to demonstrate your love

Diamond isn’t necessary to demonstrate your love

A March 29 News article tells us “These diamonds are not forever.” We learn that a local jeweler may have conned a number of customers with fake diamonds.

Fraud has run rampant in the jewelry business for hundreds of years. Jewelers deal with a commodity that most of the population knows nothing about. Our trust is put in the hands of a person we may have met only minutes before. And we are willing to hand this person hundreds or thousands of dollars just because he “had a nice smile” or was “friendly.”

Unfortunately, there are hundreds (probably thousands) of victims nationwide who do not know they have been duped by fake gems. Diamonds themselves have an artificial value. About 80 percent of the international diamond market is controlled by the DeBeers Corp. This monopoly creates worldwide supply and demand.

Years of slick advertising have most of us believing there is actually a correlation between love and jewelry. That belief has caused many a “lovesick puppy” to be easily separated from his money, both honestly and dishonestly. So, young lovers, let this be a lesson: Forget that “rock” and get a mortgage. You’re a lot less likely to be victimized and you should get a return on the investment.

Bob Pfeiffer


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