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Can’t take your call right now

Sometimes, my iPhone drives me iCrazy. For instance, just this week I texted a friend of mine and asked her to call me when she had a moment. I wanted to update her on a matter and didn’t want to squeeze it into a series of texts.

She called me on my cellphone a short time later, but when I went to answer it I messed up. Rather than accepting the call, I accidentally tapped “message” and ended up texting her an automatic response that read: “Can’t talk right now ... what’s up?”

What’s up? WHAT’S UP! While fumbling around with my phone, not only did I send her a text message I did not type myself – my phone did it for me – but one in disharmony with my earlier request.

While quickly calling her back, I could only imagine what she was thinking.

She laughed when I explained what happened. It’s easy to do stuff like this with our cellphones. I have unintentionally called someone at 7 a.m., meaning to text her instead. And I certainly have sent the wrong text to the wrong person.

Nothing serious. My errors thus far have been just silly.

I’ll text my daughter: “Have lots of homework?” or “Did you feed the dog?”

Except I’m not texting my daughter. I’m texting someone else from my message list who hasn’t cracked open a math book in years or ever owned a dog.

I even have gotten those iPhone Emojis wrong – tapping and sending the wrong image or erroneously sending a nonsensical series of them.

And, nothing uncommon here: My co-worker said her text messages often turn bizarre – sometimes because she simply types it incorrectly but usually because of the auto-correct function.

“It’s as if it has its own brain,” she laughed. No wonder there are websites devoted to texts gone wrong.


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