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Why no mention of God in ‘God Squad’ column?

Calling all clergy! Report for duty! Your countrymen and women need you. Someone needs to take over “The God Squad” column that appears in the Saturday News.

The March 29 column dealt with the difficulty of forgiveness. Although there was some folk wisdom in Rabbi Marc Gellman’s advice to create a “blah-blah relationship” with unforgiving siblings to leave the door open to a future reconciliation, the column was completely devoid of a theological perspective. There was absolutely no mention of God, God’s power or God’s grace.

The Catholic Church teaches that forgiveness is not humanly possible without God’s help. People who have been hurt by others often find themselves struggling to let go of the hatred they have for the people who hurt them. The church teaches us to pray and ask God to heal our spiritual wounds. We also need to pray for the spiritual well-being of those who hurt us. Only then will we be able to let go of the hatred and forgive.

Susan M. Stack


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