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Letter: Urge lawmakers to pass Child Safe Products Act

Urge lawmakers to pass Child Safe Products Act

I am writing in support of the Another Voice, “New York must act to protect children from toxic chemicals,” by Erie County Health Commissioner Gale R. Burstein, M.D. In it she strongly supports the proposed Child Safe Products Act that would disclose to consumers if the product contains chemicals of concern and eventually ban the most harmful chemicals.

Our children are affected in many ways by toxic chemicals. Reportedly, more than 5,000 types of children’s products have been identified that contain dangerous chemicals under the new reporting requirements in Washington state. In addition, thousands of chemicals can be found in everyday products. Currently, there is no requirement that these chemicals are safe.

The Child Safe Products Act requires the Department of Environmental Conservation to publish a list of chemicals of high concern. From this list, a list of nine priority chemicals of high concern are identified. If these chemicals are found in children’s products, the use of these chemicals will be reported to the Interstate Chemicals Clearinghouse and ultimately phased out.

This legislation is modeled after successful legislation in other states, including Maine and Washington. Our children in New York State deserve this kind of protection from our government leaders. Please encourage your legislators and our governor to help ensure that the Child Safe Products Act gets passed. Our children’s safe future depends on adults acting today.

Max Donatelli


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