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Buffalo Niagara ranks in top 100 in well-being

A national study that compared communities’ well-being based on health and economic benchmarks ranked Buffalo Niagara region 92nd out of 200 metro areas, slightly ahead of Syracuse but well behind Rochester and Albany.

The Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index measures how people assess their own well-being in six areas, including whether they like their work environment, whether they engage in healthy behavior and whether they have sufficient access to health care.

When looking at the 200 largest metro areas, the highest-ranked community in the Empire State was Rochester, at No. 48, with the Albany area one spot behind. Provo, Utah, took top honors, while Buffalo finished three spots ahead of Syracuse, which was No. 95.

The congressional district that is centered in Buffalo, New York’s 26th District, ranked 252nd out of the 435 districts listed in the study. The district with the best sense of well-being was California’s 14th District, located just south of San Francisco.

And in the ranking of states, New York came in at No. 35 for 2013, a drop of five positions from the year before, with North Dakota at No. 1.

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