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Addicting apps

What makes your smartphone so addictive? Perhaps it’s the fact that whenever you’re waiting for something or you’re bored, you can just pull it out and you have a world of entertainment at your fingertips. Maybe it’s because every time you log on to social media, people are posting their high scores on different apps, causing you to have this sudden motivation to beat their scores. It probably doesn’t help that many apps are free or fairly cheap, allowing you to be the owner of several addicting apps.

Here are some of the most addicting:

1. Flappy Bird. Everyone has been talking about Flappy Bird, a game in which you tap your screen to propel a pixilated bird through a course of poles. With the game being so addictive and hard to beat, the owner of the app found it best to just remove it, so you can no longer find it. However, apps such as Splashy Fish (free), are similar to Flappy Bird, but with a different animal and setting.

2. Candy Crush Saga (free). It’s easy to become addicted to this game. You are given a board full of candy that you must swipe in order to get at least three in a row. You go on your journey through many levels and once you get to a certain point in the game, you have to pass three levels to move on to new levels. This means that you can play the first level as soon as you come across these three missions, but then you have to wait a full day to play the next level, and the level after that. The wait can make Candy Crush addicts quite impatient but they are able to maintain sanity by moving on to other addictive apps during the wait.

3. Unblock Me (free). Unblock Me is a brain game where you are given a bunch of blocks that you need to rearrange so that the red block can make its way to the other side.

4. Instagram (free). Instagram is a social media site that allows you to share, like and comment on photos.

5. Afterlight (99 cents). Like to edit photos? Then this might be the app for you. Of course, you can download some free photo editor apps, but Afterlight is definitely worth the money. This app includes loads of filters, textures and frames to help you edit your photos.

6. Color Photo Edit (free). While on the subject of editing apps, this app can help you to make some really amazing edits. You are able to edit your photos by adding layers of photos using different filters.

7. Snapchat (free). So you want to tell your friend about something, but you don’t feel like texting/calling/FaceTiming. With Snapchat, you can take a quick picture or video to send to your friend to help get your message across.

8. Tumblr (free). Let’s face it – everyone has a Tumblr nowadays, and who can blame them? We all know how addicting it can be to log on to Tumblr and look at different blog posts to find things to reblog.

9. Facebook and Twitter (free). A nice way to stay in touch with your friends, family and favorite celebrities. You can post new statuses or message people.

10. Doodle Jump (free). The design of the game looks as though you had gotten bored in math class and began to doodle all over your paper. Although the theme can be changed to suit your pleasure, Doodle Jump features this little creature that you must make jump onto platforms. While he is jumping, some of the platforms have different things on them to help aid him on his journey. Keep in mind that as he is jumping, there are other creatures ready to throw him off course.

Aerin Wagner is a freshman at Buffalo Seminary.

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