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Letter: Music fest highlights teachers’ great work

Music fest highlights teachers’ great work

On March 15, I had the honor of attending the 65th Annual All-County Music Festival presented by the Erie County Music Educators Association.

I have been attending this festival for many years thanks to my two talented grandsons, who have participated in the chorus concerts each year. This year I attended the Junior High North SATB Chorus concert and was once again overwhelmed at the performance. Louis Shafer conducted the chorus and Steve Thomas conducted the Junior High North Orchestra portion of the program.

The music chosen was outstanding and every note of each number was perfectly executed. These seventh-, eighth- and ninth-grade students were prepared and engaged, and presented a wonderful concert. Not being in education, I am amazed every time I attend this concert that, in a limited time, these music educators are able to develop the voices and instrumental talents of these young adults to perform at this superior level.

We have read in the past, and sadly will continue to read, about test scores and the declining education system and how teachers today are overpaid, underworked and receive too much time off. I would ask all of you who might feel this way to attend the 66th Annual All-County Music Festival in March 2015. There are many concerts to choose from and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed, but will come away from the performance with new insights into how hard these children and educators are working to achieve the results I witnessed.

Barbara E. Burr

Town of Tonawanda

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