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BATAVIA – A British teenager hunting for relics near a former World War II air base has found an identification bracelet lost by a Stafford airman nearly 70 years ago.

Adelbert Snell received the metal ID bracelet from his wife and lost it while stationed at a U.S. bomber base in England, according to the Batavia Daily News,

Last summer, 15-year-old Glenn Morgan found the item while digging in the woods near Shipdham Airfield in Norfolk, England. His father started calling Snells in the U.S. and eventually reached one of Adelbert Snell’s sons in Genesee County.

The son says his father, who died March 10, did not remember losing the bracelet. Snell’s wife died in 2005.

The bracelet is among the collection of wartime artifacts at the airfield museum.

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