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Kristina Siegel creates a new installation at Indigo

A new installation by Kristina Siegel, a German-born visual artist and set designer whose work has appeared in several recent productions at Torn Space Theater, opens Friday in Allentown’s Indigo gallery (74 Allen St.). For the show, “Relics,” Siegel has created a kind of dream space filled with ghostly objects made of silk and impressionistic drawings.

The show deals with the idea of impermanence and the traces of life that can be found in inanimate objects and settings. Siegel, who lives part-time in Buffalo, has designed for many European theaters and opera companies and her art has been featured in Buffalo’s City of Night festival.

“The centerpiece is a large, festive dinner table made from transparent silk organza. Suspended in space like a faded, withered phantom-image, it is evoking associations to an irretrievable past,” Siegel wrote in a statement, adding that the installation includes cups and bottles fashioned from silk, as well as a series of drawings. “Sometimes the drawings seem to capture different views of the same event, while at other times unrelated objects suggest an overlapping of alternate realities.”

The show, part of a spate of openings for the monthly Allentown First Fridays event, runs through April 27. Torn Space Theatre’s production of “Mud,” which features Siegel’s scenography, runs through April 13. Call 984-9572 or visit

– Colin Dabkowski

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