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Letter: Shine light of truth on climate change

Shine light of truth on climate change

So it’s Sunshine Week for news outlets. Let’s shine some of that light of transparency on climate change.

Secretary of State John Kerry, along with many other government officials and an overwhelming number of scientists around the world, are calling climate disruption the greatest threat facing the world today.

In 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change concluded that human activity adding greenhouse gases to earth’s atmosphere is causing global warming. This report is based on more than 6,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies. In 2010, these findings were confirmed by the National Science Academies of every industrialized nation. Despite overwhelming scientific evidence, Rep. John Boehner scoffs and Sen. Jim Inhofe calls climate change a hoax. About 55 percent of Republicans in the 113th Congress still deny climate change. Having people who don’t believe science in control of our nation is dangerous.

The oil-rich billionaire Koch brothers and others spend millions buying our democracy, and the truth, away from us. They actually campaign against the science of climate change. There is a direct correlation between money politicians accept from the fossil fuel industry and their climate denial.

Investigative reporting exposing this should be front-page news. On a sad day for science, Galileo was thrown in prison for daring to claim the sun as the center of the universe. Today our denial and inaction as a nation will have dire consequences. As we are already beginning to experience the impacts of climate change, our window of time to act is rapidly closing. We have the opportunity to live up to our greatest-nation status, and lead the world with innovation, technology and renewable energy, but first we need to shine the light of truth on this issue and wake up.

Diana Strablow


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