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Letter: Reed, unlike Robertson, is accessible to citizenry

Reed, unlike Robertson, is accessible to citizenry

I am a lifelong resident of Corning, and I’ve gotten to know the people, businesses and politicians. I’ve known Rep. Tom Reed since he was mayor of Corning. One thing I can always attest to is his accessibility. Every weekend he comes home from Washington, and most weekends he spends traveling around our 23rd Congressional District, which is the size of New Jersey, conducting town hall meetings and attending events.

I recently attended an event in Corning scheduled by his opponent, Martha Robertson. I was hoping to finally hear from Robertson about her views on Common Core, the Second Amendment, Obamacare and the national debt. I was extremely disappointed when she chose only to address members of the media. Her staff asked us to leave, refused to answer our questions and pulled her away into a private room.

Those running for a federal office should be available, open and willing to answer the questions of the people they plan to represent. I’ve been to Reed’s town hall meetings where he is yelled at and called to explain votes and controversial Washington politics. He does so with grace because he’s level-headed and easy to talk to.

Robertson and her team wouldn’t answer questions about her stance on education policy or health care when asked by a potential voter. This isn’t the type of representation we need in Congress. The people of the 23rd District should come before petty political attacks.

Joseph Ferratella


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