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Letter: Birthing center is a contradiction

Birthing center is a contradiction

In a recent News article, some lauded the powers that be for having enough insight to offer a birthing center at Buffalo Womenservices. Calling this a birthing center is a blatant contradiction since the facility also performs abortions.

It’s sad that a city that’s trying to right its ship of blight would muddy its image with this moral disgrace in becoming the first free-standing birth center in the United States to offer the two services. The article goes on to cite the number of women registered at the clinic for the birth of their babies. A multitude of births cannot justify the taking of even one life.

Aren’t there enough killing fields in our country? Doesn’t the staggering figure of 56 million lives lost to abortion make even the hardest of hearts just a little bit uncomfortable? To deny life at its most infinitesimal stage is to deny oneself. Abortion is the ultimate betrayal of the human race.

Carol Sensabaugh

Niagara Falls

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