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Ads slamming Kennedy conveniently twist truth

Never let the facts get in the way of a good, self-righteous froth, I always say.

Recent radio ads featuring a querulous woman lambasting State Sen. Timothy Kennedy for his pro-choice stance are provocative, in a let’s-twist-the-truth kind of way. Kennedy’s support of the governor’s Women’s Equality Act, which seeks to codify current federal law, will not put women at risk or expand existing access to abortion.

In fact, this legislation would ensure that New York abortion law is consistent with federal protections, including enabling health professionals to provide care to a woman whenever she needs it. It is common-sense legislation that safeguards women and families. To suggest otherwise – and to lie about just what Kennedy’s support means – is worse than what the radio woman deems “unthinkable.” It is simply untrue.

Maria Scrivani


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