The Buzz: Feet first at the Broadway Market, a Buffalo buff’s dream sale, and how there are no secrets in Buffalo - The Buffalo News

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The Buzz: Feet first at the Broadway Market, a Buffalo buff’s dream sale, and how there are no secrets in Buffalo

A Botti birthday

The jazz trumpet ace Chris Botti, who played Kleinhans Music Hall on Saturday, had a stunning girlfriend in the front row (so our spies tell us, anyway) and a sultry violinist, Caroline Campbell, with him on stage. Beautiful as both these gals were, though, a third woman stole their thunder. That was an elegant hard-core Botti fan in the fourth row named Rose Marino. Botti stopped the show for her. “This is for Rose, on her 94th birthday,” he said. Buffalonians love occasions like this, and the huge crowd burst into applause. Botti went on to play “Cinema Paradiso” just for Rose, locking eyes with her. At the end, he blew her a kiss. Wow. Buzz, watching enviously from the balcony, wondered: If we live to be 94, can we look forward to something like this? It seems birthdays just get better and better.

She’s leaving home

Buffalo, where everyone knows your business! A friend stopped over the weekend at Tops on Elmwood. In the checkout line, the stranger behind her said, “I see you’re going out of town.” “Yes,” said our pal, who was going to Florida to see family. “How did you know?” He pointed to her cart. “You’ve got hot dogs and sponge candy,” he said. Elementary, my dear Buffalonian! Sahlen’s, Wardynski’s, we forget what hot dogs she bought, but there they were, and the sponge candy too. “The only thing is, you forgot the dip,” the sage gentleman said. “The Bison dip. They always ask for it.” Hold our place in line – we’ll be right back …

Best foot forward

From Tops our friend was bound for the Broadway Market, where she was under orders from expats to buy kielbasa. For a different taste of home, she might also consider the giant, gelatinous ox feet that mesmerized Buzz at the meat stand across from Sav-A-Lot. Seeing our fascination, the clerk giggled like a schoolboy. “Cow foot,” he said. And next to the cow foot was pig foot. If you have chicken foot you have the Broadway Market trifecta. Proceeding on to Stand 59, where a gentleman was selling Middle Eastern food, we bought mung beans. That is something else we have never actually seen before. We welcome all these new foods! And the best thing is, Easter is still more than a month away. We’re just warming up.

Hoarders alert

Alert, alert, opportunity to buy lots of white elephants, alert! Thursday and Friday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sandra D. Ziemer Estate Sales is selling the treasures of a mega-collector. The sale is at his warehouse, which is the old Phoenix Brewery, 847 Washington St. Let’s run down a bit of the inventory. The railing from the W.T. Grant Building downtown, by the late legendary Parisian-born designer Raymond Loewy. The telephone operator’s booth from another five-and-dime. Stained- glass windows and an intricately carved altar from closed churches. Kittinger pieces. A church doorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr … oh, excuse us, that’s the roaring in our ears. Buzz, recovering, had to ask, did someone pass on? “He hasn’t died,” we were told. “He just decided to let go of some stuff.” There’s hope for all of us!

The buzz

One glass of wine, or two? That quandary became easier for Buzz at Marco’s on Niagara Street, where we found something called a Quartino, a beautiful word for a glass and a half. And for just $1 more than a glass. This should be a trend! Sipping our Quartino, watching the crimson sunset over the Niagara River, we wished that all of life’s dilemmas were so sweetly solved.


“I have Been freezing 4 months, i saw a robin frozen 2 my bumper, my car looks like the rim of a margarita glass n they keep showing lawn mower commercials on TV. WTH?”

– Airborne Eddy Dobosiewicz, on Facebook

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