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Letter: Teachers should stick with the classic books

Teachers should stick with the classic books

Do parents rush to the movie theater to see the latest R-rated movie with their 15-year-old because it may be an inspirational teaching tool that tells a great story? Yet some of the books used in our schools would have this rating, based on their content.

The Clarence School Board states that words contained in these materials are taken out of context. I fail to see how profanities, laced throughout a book, and vulgar terms for male and female body parts can be taken out of context. We are not interested in sheltering our children or presenting a perfect world to them. We are interested in common decency.

Titillating English assignments today, contrasted to the classics of years ago, truly catch the reader’s eye. Not surprisingly, numerous students defended the current curriculum. Since when do we so highly value the opinion of a teenager in regard to sex and profanity?

All parents who have a vested interest in their child ought to be concerned. When a teacher dismisses the parent and states: “You can’t trust parents to have the sex talk with their kids,” did he forget who is paying his salary?

Becky Florentino

Clarence Center

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