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Letter: Kennedy’s flip-flop will not be tolerated

Kennedy’s flip-flop will not be tolerated

Poor State Sen. Timothy Kennedy. He is upset about the “nasty calls” his constituents are getting to alert them about his pro-choice stand. My stand is very simple: I do not want Kennedy representing me when he will not represent the most vulnerable – the unborn. More than 56 million innocents have been exterminated. We don’t need him to make it any easier to add to this abomination, this holocaust. I don’t need a flip-flop representative – from pro-life to pro-choice – to represent me; shades of State Sen. Mark Grisanti’s flip-flop on the same-sex marriage vote.

Kennedy is right. I am part of a “special interest group” – a group that speaks for the ones with no voice of their own, the unborn. I expect him to follow his beliefs when it concerns a major moral issue. It is time to go “against the grain” when it is morally objectionable.

I am glad I got that “nasty call.” It’s exactly what people need to wake up and realize we cannot continue to add to the 56 million murdered. We must acknowledge the sanctity of life at all stages. I commend the Chiaroscuro Group for bringing this to our attention and its endeavor to find ways to reduce the high number of abortions.

Kennedy’s backing of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Women’s Equality Act, which will expand abortion rights in New York, including late-term abortions, and his evolving to a pro-choice position should cost him his Senate seat if all of the right-to-life people take a stand.

Judie Ruda


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