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Newstead addresses water issues

The Town of Newstead’s work session Monday began by addressing incremental repairs to its water system. The proposed renovations to current water lines and the addition of new water lines would serve to alleviate pressure issues in the greater Newstead region. The board remains split on this subject.

While certain board members support the idea of incremental restoration, others are hesitant. The reservations of the board are twofold. Financially, the lines would have to be mended with bonded cash. Logistically, the new water lines would not be built in strictly residential areas. Some would fall along sparsely populated stretches of road. The repairs and additions would not directly benefit residents but remedy a systemic problem.

The board also dealt with the matter of the Braun’s Bar summer concert series. For many months now, the Quarry Hill Estates neighborhood has raised concerns about noise levels of the concerts.

The law that the Newstead Town Board has drafted allows for an 80-decibel limit outside the venue.

The rule was set based on a series of tests conducted by board members, gauging what is reasonable to ask of the venue’s proprietor and what is reasonable to ask the neighborhood to tolerate.

A formal vote on the law is not scheduled. The board is seeking to gather more research, confer with private individuals and, based on revised data, perhaps modify the statute.

All members of the board said Monday they are confident that the vote will occur in the coming weeks.

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