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Letter: Top-down decisions affect schoolchildren

Top-down decisions affect schoolchildren

In recent months the topic of the Buffalo public school system has supplanted almost all other local issues in the media. It’s hard to keep up with all the twists and turns in the Carl Paladino-Pamela Brown drama. Blame and solutions for low scores and graduation rates have shifted from tests to teachers to administrators to board members and back again.

It appears with the exception of new immigrants still acclimating to our language and customs, the major problem is basically lack of student participation and interest.

The answer to this does not appear to be busing students to different buildings or constantly changing management. Healthy attitudes towards education flourish best with parental support. Discipline in schools must be maintained. Do city kids feel safe coming, going and at school?

The 900-pound gorilla no one talks about is the despair permeating poorer neighborhoods from scarce jobs and low incomes.

Are these children concluding no matter what education they attain, their American dream constitutes a minimum-wage, deadend job, welfare or upward mobility through illegal activity?

There can be no denying the same supply-side factor decimating our manufacturing, declining our local population and sending most young people packing is also affecting inter-city attitudes about the benefits of education.

This is what happens when government legislation gets focused away from its own citizens and towards benefiting unfair trade deals and pandering illegal foreign nationals.

Louis L. Boehm Orchard Park

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