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Letter: It is wrong to assume who sponsors gun shows

It is wrong to assume who sponsors gun shows

I am the current Grand Knight at the Father Justin Council Knights of Columbus in Cheektowaga. I want to clarify a March 1 letter, “Why does church allow gun shows at K of C?”

Neither the Knights of Columbus nor the Diocese of Buffalo is in any way sponsoring the gun show as so blatantly assumed by the letter writer. Our buildings are available for public rental. Our halls are open to the public. Third-party renters pay to use our buildings. As good Catholics and law abiding citizens, we do not discriminate against anyone who wants to rent our facilities. That would be illegal.

There are many responsible gun owners and the group that run this gun show are the epitome of that.

If the local church continues to confuse and mystify the letter writer, I recommend he seek the counsel of his parish priest. Or if not that, then reach out to one of his local Knights of Columbus Councils in the area and speak to one of the many devout Catholic men who call themselves knights and who continually support our priests and uphold the teachings of the church.

We will continue to pray for truth and clarity in this assuming world.

Corey T. Burzynski

Grand Knight, Cheektowaga

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