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Hamburg officials have dealt Woody’s an unfair blow

The Hamburg Town Board members should be ashamed of themselves for their dealings with Woody’s Beach Club.

Instead of praising and encouraging a private establishment where the owner spent a lot of his own money in setting up a risky venture, they made it next to impossible for him to run his business.

What happened to the attitude that this area is changing? That government won’t stand in the way of small business? Here is a guy that really made Buffalo a better place with an awesome beach bar/restaurant on an amazing beach.

Before Woody’s opened, Woodlawn Beach was deserted. No one wants to go to a beach where you can hardly ever go swimming because the water is always too contaminated and you can’t get anything decent to eat or drink.

They should be thanking operator Tucker Curtain for creating another wonderful Buffalo destination and ensuring the added revenue the town and state are receiving because of the cost of entering the park itself.

Shame on you Hamburg Town Board. You should spend more energy in trying to fix the water problem instead of ruining summer for a lot of people.

Haline Waliger


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