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A beer truck’s cargo is pilfered in Newfane

NEWFANE – A Newfane man who works as a truck driver for Napa Transportation told Niagara County sheriff’s deputies Monday that someone had broken into his tractor-trailer and stolen a portion of its cargo while the truck was parked in a lot in the 6600 block of Ridge Road in Newfane over the weekend.

The driver said he parked there on Saturday and discovered when he went to leave on Monday morning that someone had cut the metal strip used to secure the hatch. Inside the truck he found the plastic wrap on one pallet had been torn and eight, 30-pack cases of Coors Light beer were missing from the load. Total value was $200.

The victim said he suspects a person who knows where he parks the truck overnight. The remaining plastic wrap was returned to the Criminal Investigation Bureau to be checked for fingerprints.

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