The new cover art of “Tuscarora Heroes” by photographer Bill Carpenter spotlights the Tuscarora Heroes Monument.
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LEWISTON – Author Lee Simonson has released a new edition of his book “Tuscarora Heroes,” which includes new cover art by photographer Bill Carpenter spotlighting the new Tuscarora Heroes Monument.

The newly revised sixth edition of the book was published by the Historical Association of Lewiston and is now available at the Lewiston Museum, DiCamillo’s Bakery in Lewiston, the Orange Cat Coffee Co. and the Book Corner in Niagara Falls.

The first book was published in 2010. Simonson wrote the book as a volunteer, and all proceeds go to the Lewiston Museum.

In addition to the new cover, Simonson has included additional information about the British attack on Lewiston in December 1813 and updated information about the identity of the “Western Indian” attackers.

“We sold out of our supply the night the Tuscarora Heroes Monument was unveiled on Dec. 19,” said Pam Hauth, director of the museum.

The Tuscarora Heroes project commemorates the Lewiston community’s tribute to the Tuscarora Nation and is a memorial to their help in defending the village against the British attack and burning of the village on Dec. 19, 1813. The larger-than-life sculpture illustrates a rare example of Native Americans saving the lives of white settlers against a foreign invasion and is the largest War of 1812 bicentennial monument in the United States.

Groups or organizations interested in having Simonson speak on the Tuscarora Heroes are urged to contact the Lewiston Museum at 754-4214.


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