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Politicians want to help everyone but honest citizens

What is wrong with Albany? Cuomo comes to Buffalo and says he’s bringing 500 jobs, but he doesn’t say that his SAFE Act lost 2,000-plus jobs because both Remington and Kahr firearms elected to build new facilities in other states. That’s a net loss of 1,500 jobs.

Then Cuomo wants to provide college educations to prison inmates, claiming it would add only $5,000 a year to the already $60,000 it costs per inmate. Doesn’t he think people can add? That raises the cost to $65,000. Wish I had an extra $5,000 to spend.

And now Speaker Sheldon Silver wants to provide financial aid for college education to the children of illegal immigrants. What part of “illegal” doesn’t he understand? What about help for the hard-working American citizens of New York who want to send their children to college?

My wife, my children and I didn’t go to jail to get our college educations. We worked hard, got scholarships and struggled to make ends meet. Believe me, come November I will remember all this and more.

Thomas Pawelczak


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