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Letter: Not all ‘foreign’ cars are built by foreigners

Not all ‘foreign’ cars are built by foreigners

In response to the March 11 letter, “Veterans should be ashamed to purchase foreign cars,” I would like to thank the gentleman for his service to our country. I want to make a couple of points.

Living in Western New York, the locally purchased Chevrolet that I have was made in Oshawa, Ont. My neighbor’s locally purchased Ford was built in Oakville, Ont., and my client in Detroit drives a Chrysler Town and Country minivan that was built in Windsor, Ont.

Do these cars qualify as foreign cars? Do they get a pass because they have American car company names? Chrysler is now wholly owned by Fiat from Italy. Does that make Chrysler a foreign car?

I know of 11 “foreign” car companies manufacturing in the United States. These companies produce approximately 45 different car, truck, SUV and van models. All of them are assembled in the United States, many build the engine and transmission in the United States and two of the “foreign” car companies are unionized.

These 11 companies employ several hundred thousand employees in the United States and I would be willing to bet that many of them are veterans working good jobs to support their families.

We could go back to the ’90s when one of our favorite presidents led the charge to Mexico via the North American Free Trade Agreement. Ask ex-Trico, Delco and Fisher Body employees if they would work for one of the 11 companies after their jobs went to Mexico.

Again, thank you for your service but I would expect that the majority of the employees are as patriotic as you are.

Bill Vaughan


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