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Bishop should reconsider several school closings

This past Ash Wednesday, I had a 14-hour workday as I was filling in for a friend. I tried to figure out how I would manage to attend Mass and decided if I was a little late and sadly left a little early I could squish Mass in at 9 a.m. I found a church located between jobs, St. Vincent De Paul in Elma.

The church was filled with schoolchildren, well over 100. I knew sadly this was one of the schools scheduled to be closed. As I sat through Mass I watched the children so involved in the liturgy singing and performing gestures to the responses. However, my thoughts couldn’t help but turn to where the future lay for these and all the children being affected by the school closings.

I wish that the bishop was there to witness how much these children truly embraced their faith. Maybe he would consider having a change of heart and re-evaluate his position that I’m sure has been very well researched. But sometimes we need to look into our hearts.

Angela Banaszak


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