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Letter: Birthing centers warrant more thoughtful responses

Birthing centers warrant more thoughtful responses

How unfortunate the spokeswoman for Blue Cross Blue Shield has done no research on outcomes at birth centers or our area hospitals. The Birthing Center of Buffalo, like other free-standing birth centers, offers care utterly different than that offered by maternity hospitals.

We provide a birth free of unwanted intrusions. No IVs, no machines that keep the laboring woman confined to bed, nothing to “speed things up,” freedom to move and birth in any position that feels right, delayed cord clamping, only those people the family wants at the birth and discharge to home within hours of birth.

Women eat and drink in labor, wear their own clothes and don’t have to deal with unnecessary and unscientific hospital protocols or having hordes of strangers at their labor and birth.

Birthing centers have excellent outcomes for mother and baby. The Birthing Center of Buffalo has received certification from the New York State Department of Health after a lengthy and detailed review.

Surely Blue Cross Blue Shield believes that pregnant women are capable of choosing the care that best fits their needs and will give them the option of the Birthing Center of Buffalo.

Katharine Morrison, M.D. Buffalo

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