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Some tickets are still available to NCAA matches in Buffalo

As of Saturday, roughly 400 tickets remained for the games here.

Those remaining tickets are all in the 300 Level, at a cost of $198 per ticket. These are all-session tickets, for the two Thursday doubleheaders and one Saturday doubleheader. Those tickets thus would cost $66 for each of the three sessions.

All-session tickets in the 100 and 200 Level, at $252 for the three sessions, or $84 per session, are sold out.

But that doesn’t mean tickets aren’t available at each price level. A secondary market already has emerged, for each session or all three.

On Friday afternoon, for example, the NCAA Ticket Exchange was offering about 250 tickets for the Thursday afternoon doubleheader, with sellers offering to sell each ticket for anywhere from $81 to $275 per ticket, although almost all were being hawked for between $81 and $175.

That’s just to one session, and the asking amounts should skyrocket if Syracuse is picked to come here.

As yet, basketball fans and the teams do not know for sure which teams are coming to Buffalo.

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