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County executive board picks could have been much better

I was taken back when I saw the county executive proudly announce his picks for the Buffalo Bills stadium advisory board. His selections show a severe lack of vision, forethought and concern about the future of our beloved Bills.

Mark Poloncarz’s appointees include himself, Richard Tobe, his appointed deputy, Kathy Hochul, Maria Whyte and Alphonso O’Neil-White among a few other of Western New York’s politically connected.

I am sure these appointments will do much to pad the resumes of the appointees and the coffers of the county executive. And while I admire many of their careers and accomplishments I don’t believe they possess the necessary credentials for this important task.

The county executive would have been wise to put politics aside for a change and pick “average” citizens who are deeply involved in the Buffalo Bills. My suggestions would be a passionate season ticket holder, a longtime security guard who sees the problems firsthand, a nearby established business owner and a rank-and-file local police officer who responds to problems.

Poloncarz’s picks are a slap in the face to Bills fans and just another feather for his political cap.

Conrad Kushman


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