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Letter: Think twice before trying to totally replace fossil fuels

Think twice before trying to totally replace fossil fuels

In regard to the March 8 Sierra Club letter, “Replace fossil fuels with clean energy,” the original architect of Ontario’s Green Energy Act was Dalton McGuinty, the premier forced to resign in order to avoid having to answer any questions regarding the appalling economic consequences of his Green Energy Act (GEA).

It was McGuinty, when the GEA was imposed in 2009 (without any public or parliamentary debate), who claimed it would produce 50,000 new “green” jobs. The letter writer may be content to believe the website figure of 31,000 jobs “created.”

But in spite of frequent requests the Ontario government has yet to produce any credible and detailed figures to support the claim. The following are facts, not supposition. Of any “green” jobs actually “created,” the vast majority are low-paying and short term. For each one “green” job “created” in Ontario at least two in related industries have been lost.

There is no evidence that either wind or solar projects have led to the closure of a single coal plant in Ontario. McGuinty “promised” to shut them all down by 2007 but had to break that promise because at that time there was no other easily accessible surplus 24/7 backup for his planned “green energy” wind energy projects. The claim of his successor, Kathleen Wynne, that they are now closed and because of wind energy is a total hypocrisy and untrue.

The economic decline after 10 years of McGuinty and Wynne rule in Ontario is such that we have a growing energy surplus. Ontario needs neither coal, wind nor solar power.

And the biggest hypocrisy of the environmentalist lobby groups like the Sierra Club is to pretend that their choice as 24/7 backup for unreliable wind and solar, “natural” gas, a fossil fuel, is “green” and clean.

Andrew Watts

Port Colborne

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