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Letter: The governor should point his finger back at himself

The governor should point his finger back at himself

I recently caught a commercial on TV in which Gov. Andrew Cuomo is actually using the fact of New York State having some of the highest real property taxes in the nation to promote himself.

Think about it. He is the governor of a state in which our property taxes are out of hand while local governments, villages, towns and school districts are left begging for some relief from the state-imposed mandates that occasion the lion’s share of our local property taxes.

What does he do? Instead of controlling costs at the state level so as to give relief to local governments and the communities they serve, he flips things on their head and blames those local governments, which, by law, must collect the excessive property taxes state mandates necessitate.

When I saw the commercial, I could not help but note the similarity between the governor’s spin and how my children often treated their mother up through their teenage years.

Instead of taking responsibility for their own failures, they blamed their mother.Whether they neglected to get out of bed on time, or to get their homework done, or bring something with them, etc. Mom was the one who should have done that something that they did not do themselves.

Even so, the governor’s “no excuses” tax freeze proposal is ultimately blaming local governments for what is by and large a state problem.

How fortunate I was to live in a home where my parents led by example. And thank goodness my own children have matured beyond the blame-someone-else stage of life.

How regrettable that apparently one does not have to grow up and own up in the house of politics.

Michael Sherry

Orchard Park

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