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Freedom also means driving what you want

A March 11 letter writer states all veterans should drive American-made cars. It might be helpful if the writer had provided a list of the acceptable cars.

Would it be the Lincoln MKZ assembled in Mexico? Maybe the Buick Regal with 79 percent foreign content?

Maybe an American Jeep, or Dodge, how American is that? Well, only about 40 percent, since Fiat of Italy owns 60 percent. What about a Honda made in Ohio with 80 percent domestic parts? The Toyota Camry just fell to No. 2 as the most American substance car. No. 1 is the Ford F-150. Now should we force our veterans to all drive Ford pickups. Our servicemen fought and died so we could be free, have freedom of choice. Let them drive whatever they want.

Paul J. Hagen Tonawanda

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