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Sheriff is not upholding all of New York’s laws

I opened the letter from Sheriff Timothy Howard and read his request for my contribution to the New York State Sheriff’s Association Institute.

Imagine my surprise to read his opening sentence. “As your sheriff, it is my responsibility to uphold the laws of New York, to preserve peace and protect the lives and property of the citizens of Erie County.”

Could this be the same Sheriff Howard who publicly stated he would not enforce the the New York Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act of 2013, or NY SAFE Act, because he didn’t feel it was constitutional? Who decided on his own that the citizens of Erie County must agree with him and supported him in his decision?

That somehow the citizens of this county were comfortable in his decision to decide which New York State laws he would enforce, and which ones he felt were not appropriate and therefore would disregard?

I happen to agree with his opening sentence. It is his job to uphold the laws of this state. All of them.

Valerie Monahan


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