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Governor should declare a ban on hydrofracking

Water. There isn’t any technology that can clean water from hydrofracking. There isn’t any.

The hydrofracking industry takes water dirtied with toxic chemicals, toxic heavy metals, radioactivity and brine (salt) and disperses it. How?

Dirty water is dumped into rivers that are intakes for city water (Pittsburgh); dirty water is pumped into the earth in injection wells (Ohio, etc.); dirty water is approved for salting roads (New York State and others) and pools of dirty water at drill sites are unmonitored and are even left to leak out completely into surrounding soil and streams. If dirty water is trucked to a municipal treatment plant, the treatment plant is contaminated, corroded and ruined.

Water is a tremendous gift of nature. Ask Gov. Andrew Cuomo to permanently ban hydrofracking in New York State.

Barbara Frackiewicz


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