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Letter: Government dictates bad decisions for citizens

Government dictates bad decisions for citizens

The government was made by the people and for the people. When the government rushes through with its own plan to decide what is the best for us, is it really the best for us?

When the government deregulated gasoline it wiped out the competition of the selling of gasoline to the consumer and now we are ensnared with their purchase price. The government thought adding 10 percent ethanol to gasoline would help ease the burden of foreign imports. While it may have, ethanol has a negative effect on car engines and brake lines; it absorbs water. It is acidic, which eats away metal from the inside out. Mechanics hate it and it will be an added maintenance cost for the car owner in the future. It will not be long when gasoline will contain 15 percent ethanol.

When the government bailed out the two carmakers, it did save jobs, but what about the stockholders and the parts suppliers that were deprived of their money? Why haven’t the automakers paid them back from the significant profits they are making now?

The government health insurance plan does not seem to be the best for us. It is amazing that the government thinks it knows what is best for the people even though the government cannot run itself efficiently and does nothing about the growing $17 trillion deficit.

The government is telling the people what will be; it should be the people telling the government what will be.

Andrew Allen


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